“Kingdom Quest” Sunday School (Ages 5-11)

Kingdom Quest—Our version of Sunday school.
Experiential learning in a Small Group/Large Group Rotation Model 

It’s highly RELATIONAL. It shifts from Sunday school teachers who try to deliver the entire lesson in classroom teaching style to small group leaders who help kids discover the truth of God’s word.

It uses CREATIVE presentation techniques. When all the kids from the ages grouped together come to watch the Bible event, it might be a story tell presentation, interactive drama, or even video clip. Puppets help set up the lesson.

It is JESUS-CENTERED. All lessons point to the main theme of the Bible: God’s rescue for us through His Son Jesus.  The broad biblical scope gives you a balanced 10 year scope and sequence.

–Courtesy, Kids Kount Publishing.

Easter Faire – Generally held on Saturday one week before Easter annually

The Easter Faire is a great place to get to know members of the church and community. With activities for children, The Easter Story, Easter egg hunts, and the Easter Bunny, young and old alike will come to treasure this annual event.