We welcome Pastor Mankin as he begins his ministry here!

Trevor Aaron Mankin was born in Kansas City, Missouri on August 10th 1974. The only son of a L.C.M.S. pastor, he moved across the country frequently, living in Indiana, Texas and Illinois. He graduated from Limestone Community High School in Bartonville, Illinois. Trevor then went on the earn an Associate Degree in Architecture, a Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design, and a Master of Fine Arts in Industrial Design from the University of Illinois in Urbana.

Trevor did consulting work for design and manufacturing firms throughout the Midwest. He eventually settled in Lincoln, Illinois, and purchased a house near his parents. While working during the day, he attended classes at Illinois State University working towards a Masters degree in Business Administration. But before he could complete that degree, God had other plans for his life. In 2007, Trevor left for Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana with the goal of becoming a pastor.

While at the seminary he met the lovely Lisa DeHope, the younger sister of a fellow seminarian. Pastor Mankin spent his vicarage year at Messiah Seattle under the supervision of Pastor Ernie Lassman. Following his successful completion of his course work, he was extended the call as Assistant Pastor at Messiah Lutheran Church in Seattle. Just before his ordination, he and Lisa were married in Danville, California on September 10th 2011. ┬áPastor Mankin’s call was changed to Associate Pastor in December 2013, and then to Senior Pastor in January 2017. He was then called here, to Town and Country Lutheran Church in 2021.

He is the proud father of two beautiful daughters Margaret (2014) and Evelyn (2017).